Behavioral Retargeting For Businesses
How To Capture Lost Prospects & Convert Them Into Paying Clients
WITHOUT Feeling Like A Snake Oil Salesman.

How it Works:

Step 1: Website Visitor

A new prospect comes to your website browses a few pages and then leaves without calling you or providing you with any of their information. That’s 100% lost opportunity for you!

Step 2: Invisible Tracking Pixel

Except, you made a smart decision and contacted Redline Marketing to create and install an invisible tracking pixel that “cookies” all of your website visitors because you knew that you were losing prospects and valuable opportunity.

Step 3: Stunning Banner Ads

Redline Marketing quickly jumped into action and created a series of stunning banner ads that now follow your recent website visitors, across the Internet. This ultimately increases your company’s brand awareness while also keeping you top of mind over your local competitors.

Banner Ad Example

Step 4: Prospect Goes Online

Now almost every time your prospects or previous website visitors go online to do a search (on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) your banner ads (like the ones above) will start appearing on thousands of websites that your prospects visit on a daily basis (just enough for them to take notice and take action).

Step 5: Landing Page and Lead Capture

Once we’ve caught your prospects attention (with our retargeting banners) and they decide to click on your ad we send them to a custom-landing page (that we design for you) that serves a single purpose … to capture their information and generate the lead, so your support team can contact them for a free consultation.

Step 6: Analytics & Optimization

Congratulations you’ve successfully converted a lost prospect and generated a new lead while launching one of the most effective and smartest marketing campaigns for businesses. However, we don’t just stop at the first sight of success, we continue to monitor your impressions, analyze your click-through rates and optimize your banner ads and campaign for maximum ROI.

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